We are 12 days into 2019. Many of us have over indulged over the festive period and we are all in the detox mode. Whether it’s a dry January or no carb January or just a simple diet change, detox is often helpful and important towards a healthy lifestyle. Digital detoxing from social media and your devices is equally important. I love the new feature of a weekly screen time…


Let It Go

I was driving in the car with my son today. We turned into a two-way street. This taxi driver drove onto my side of the road and refused to move. He gave me an insouciant look. He didn’t barge. If it were my husband driving, the driver probably would not have done that. It is pretty much still a man’s world out there sometimes. In the end, I reversed and…


Editing My Life

In a world where you can be anyone, who would you be? Who do you want to be? When I was little, I told my mum I wanted to be an astronaut. Her reply is for another day but a child’s imagination is priceless and endless. Nothing is impossible. However, something happens along the way of life as we grow up and turns most of us into cynics and changes…