Edit Your Life Frequently and Ruthlessly

Choose happiness and be yourself

This was the start of it all. This quote that I came across while mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, it spoke to me and I stared at it long and hard.

“Edit Your Life Frequently and Ruthlessly.

It Is Your Masterpiece After All.”

Join me on my journey of editing my life. We edit our wardrobe at least once every season, it is only natural to edit your life as well. Sometimes you have to just detox and start afresh, not just food and fashion but relationship and work too.

It’s only words but I love to write, though I am not quite sure if it’s any good. One of my stories did win a first prize in a recent writing competition. It is therapeutic for me and I do enjoy it. I have started writing a story 7 years ago but never quite finished it and I hope that publishing it here on my blog will get me to finish it. I also use writing to purge my thoughts.

Recently, I have picked up my brushes again and have started to paint. So do check out my art section to see my art therapy. It is quite amazing to use paint to express emotions and thoughts.

My passion for food grew as a child with my father. To me, food is much more than just sustenance. Food is love, food is happiness, food is family. I love food and I hope to post photo of yummy food and reviews here. I may even be pompous enough to perhaps call myself a foodie and a home chef! It has definitely kept my 2 boys and hubby happy so far. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so, its even more crucial to ensure all 3 boys are happy and well fed (yes, hubby included)!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I love photography. Capturing the fleeting moment and being able to cherish it for time to come. I mostly just use my iPhone. Its wonderful what the 3 cameras can do! I have a Canon EOS 650D which I would sometimes use, seeing that it is rather bulky and definitely not pocket size.

Well, I hope you like the site and join me in my creativity and life as I try to edit my life to create my own MASTERPIECE!

Love, Margaux


One of my favourites, Chateau Margaux. She’s beautiful, elegant, bold and intoxicating yet divine. Seeing life with Margaux is definitely more exciting. I decided on the name Margaux because looking at life with a glass of wine is better than rose-tinted glasses.