Steak Noodle Soup

This is a Korean inspired Steak Noodle Soup. It’s very simple to make and it’s really tasty. Perfect on a rainy day. I prefer to use sirloin for this but you can use ribeye if you prefer. Of course, beautifully marbled wagyu sirloin steaks are best. As for the noodle, I have used thin udon noodles. It can be substituted with rice noodles or any other noodles. This soup is…


Ultimate Burger

If you are as carnivorous as we are, proper beef burgers are a must at least once a week! In London, we found that the best place for a good burger, reasonably priced, family friendly and very civilised, and of course served with a good glass of red wine is Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge. Of course, this is all pre-Covid. During the lockdown period, we have all had…