Claypot Rice 砂锅饭 (Sha Po Fan) or 煲仔飯 (Bow Zai Fan)

Another of my childhood favourite. This however, is a version in a London home kitchen without the claypot! The principle is the same and the taste is almost as authentic, very close I must say. This is a very popular Chinese rice casserole dish in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Southern China mainly. It’s a one pot wonder as long as you prepare everything in advance. There are a few…

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With Margaux in her London Home Kitchen Food is sustenance to the body, turning it into fuel for living but food is so much more than that. Food is an experience, food is family, food is sharing, food is love, food is kindness, food is taste, food is excitement, food is enjoyment, food is happiness, food is joy. Food is what I live for. I live to eat. I am…