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In the last few years, I have suffered with depression and anxiety. As part of my healing, I started my own ‘Art Therapy’, sketching my innermost thoughts, there were a lot of dark drawings and sketches from 2019, mainly with colour pencils and water colours.

In 2020, I decided to pick up my brushes (28 years later) and paint what I feel, what I see, my thoughts and my perception of this world (in a more positive note but still the rebellious streak comes through). I mainly use Acrylic on canvas as I love the versatility and texture of Acrylic.

My art pieces are on sale on both Saatchi Art and also Artist & Illustrators.

I love landscapes. My Italian series, came from my visits to Italy (I love Italy) and the emotions I felt there. Although recently, I have combined techniques creating landscape using geometric graphic style.

My abstract pieces represent my inner most thoughts and feelings. I always let my emotions run when I am doing my abstract pieces, I try not to control it and use the colours, strokes and the multi-layers to represent the deep rooted thoughts.

My London abstract style artwork is a tribute to London (my home) during the pandemic, trying to bring some colours and joy back into the beautiful London we know despite the pandemic and lockdown.

BREAK FREE – Though she seems perfect and composed, deep down she’s broken. She’s solving the puzzle deep within trying to fix herself and break free from her broken soul. She’s the epitome of perfect IMPERFECTION!

Each of my painting is unique and no two are the same. I hope my pieces of art can touch your heart and evoke the emotions deep rooted within you, bringing you positivity, laughter, love and joy!

Love from Margaux –

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