Editing My Life

In a world where you can be anyone, who would you be? Who do you want to be?

When I was little, I told my mum I wanted to be an astronaut. Her reply is for another day but a child’s imagination is priceless and endless. Nothing is impossible. However, something happens along the way of life as we grow up and turns most of us into cynics and changes the possible into impossible, limitless into limited and endlessness into the end. Sounds familiar? Feel the same? What happened to your childhood dreams?

Most of us would look back at our childhood with a smile and we ponder upon that period of innocence and freedom, and wonder where did all that go? We grew up. Fact is, we moved out of the fantasy world into the land of reality. We have bills to pay, responsibilities to shoulder and mouths to feed. We are in a rat race and we live in a dog-eat-dog world. There is no time to slack. There is no room to breathe! 

That assignment was due yesterday. That deal had to go through an hour ago and yet you are still going through the agreement with the other party and arguing over tiny little miniscule details of no great importance. Your phone is buzzing with yet another call from your BFF who’s going through divorce. Don’t start me on social media. You have 68 emails to reply to but the Instagram app is just too tempting not to tap. Just a quick scroll you say and 20 minutes later, you find that you are late for your meeting! Oh, and your old school friend from 20 years ago have been sending you Facebook messages for a reunion. Her Facebook life was perfect. In fact everyone’s social media accounts are PERFECT after all the tuning, touch-ups and filters. #lifeisperfect

You cannot help looking at that tiny little screen and seeing how perfect life is inside of that screen or those people living inside of it, that perfect little bubble world of social media. Snapped, your heel just came off and as you fall forward, the coffee cup in your hand splashed all over your dress and jacket. Did I mention that you are on your way to meet a potential new employer? You look at yourself through the glass front of a shop. Tears are streaming down your face. Make up ruined. Hair is in a mess. Heels are broken. Dress and jacket with coffee stain. Life officially sucks and the day is ruined. Job interview, goodbye. It is not so perfect after all. What happened? How did life became this? What happened to that happily ever after we all envisaged when we were little? When did we stop believing in ourselves? Why did we let everyone else but us decide how we should live our lives?

It is no wonder that most of become cynics. We stop believing. We stop living.

My new year’s resolution this 2019 is to learn to live and believe again. I am 40 this year but I know the sooner I start on this path, the sooner I am living and believing again. It is not too late to believe and live life!

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It is your masterpiece after all.”

Join me on my path of discovery and my journey to believing and living again.


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