By Margaux

Welcome to my blog. Join me in my journey of rediscovering my passions, my life, the meaning of my life, my needs, my wants and me of course. Yes, it’s all about me (and you). Rediscovering yourself is essential. As I entered my forties, there are numerous challenges and changes, enough to muddle me a little. Midlife crisis indeed. It is normal to have pressure, strain and stress, but it is equally crucial to reevaluate and reflect upon life to make sensible decisions and adapt to changes. Rediscovering yourself can be fun, unlocking your inner passions especially. Here, I share with you my passion in food, art, creative writing and some thoughts on life in my journey of discovery.

Fact is, life is short and everything changes. Learning to enjoy simple things, live each day as it comes and appreciating the people around you is vital to life. Let’s find your Ikigai (reason to jump of bed each morning), your joie de vivre and together edit our lives to make it more fulfilling, satisfying and worthwhile!

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly, as it is your masterpiece after all!

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